My Fluxbox Configurations

Introduction This post is an explanation about my Fluxbox configurations and how to use them. Fluxbox is my second window manager after Openbox. They are pretty similar because both are derived from Blackbox window manager. Some differences between Openbox and Fluxbox are.. Fluxbox uses plain text of configuration files instead of XML. Fluxbox comes with a panel called Fluxbox Toolbar. The panel can contain taskbar, workspace indicator, workspace switcher, system tray, and clock.

Several Custom Bitmap Fonts

Introduction This is a post about several bitmap fonts I modify from M+, Tewi, Lemon, & Siji. At first I modify them because I can’t find any bitmap font that suitable for my personal preferences. I want a small bitmap font that can fit in 6x10 bounding box, but placed inside 6x12 bounding box for extra line spacing. I want extra line spacing for readability reason. I know I can add line spacing in URxvt configuration.

Dunst, A Simple And Lightweight Notification Daemon

Introduction According to the Dunst website Dunst is a lightweight replacement for the notification daemons provided by most desktop environments. It’s very customizable, isn’t dependent on any toolkits, and therefore fits into those window manager centric setups we all love to customize to perfection. When I installed Debian, I start from minimal install. So, I don’t have any notification by default. Then I choose Dunst. If you already have other notification daemon and want to try Dunst, Just simply add Dunst to your autostart.

My Way of Configuring Ncmpcpp Music Player

Introduction ncmpcpp is an mpd client. In short, it’s the frontend of mpd. The actual music player is mpd, but managing mpd with barehand is not possible. So, the most common way to control mpd is using ncmpcpp, to list the library, arranging the playlist, choosing the music, and other actions. mpd + ncmpcpp duo usually also paired with mpc for control. info Don’t forget that ncmpcpp is a terminal applications.

Configuring URxvt to Make It Usable and Less Ugly

Introduction URxvt is a customizable terminal emulator forked from rxvt. Features of rxvt-unicode include international language support through Unicode, transparency, the ability to display multiple font types and support for Perl extensions. URxvt is one of the most popular terminal emulator in UNIX world, especially on Unixporn. It’s well known for being lightweight and riceable. But just like any other software in UNIX world, it’s ugly out of the box.